Well engineered, concrete solutions.

Lock-Block™ system

Created in 1984, Lock-Block™ concrete units were the first of Lock-Block Ltd's products to feature their signature proprietary interlocking key design, establishing the company as a leader in pre-cast concrete block retaining wall systems.

Tighter tolerances; safe, stable stacking

Lock-Block Ltd.'s production process has been proven in independent engineering studies to offer greater tolerances and strength than all other comparable systems with straighter joint lines and less potential for movement of units under high-stress conditions.

Lock-Block™ concrete units are ideal for a range of commercial and industrial projects and are also customizable to meet any construction need.

Developed by professional engineers, Lock-Block™ concrete units are a modern take on the design seen in ancient pyramids around the world. They are safe, simple, and quick to assemble, making them more efficient than traditional construction methods. What usually takes more than a month (with cast-in-place concrete) can be built in days using the Lock-Block™ system.

Lock-Block™ system

Lock-Block™ concrete units are ideal for:

  • Controlling grade changes along highways, railroads, and retaining walls.
  • Impeding soil erosion along dykes and seawalls.
  • Transitioning between walkways and water.
  • Creating an effective sound barrier.

We also offer mini-blocks for residential landscaping and planters for a beautiful finish to walls, parking lots, and backyards.
Lock-Block™ concrete units are available in more than 30 different shapes and sizes as well as Texturelock™ and other finishes.

Customized to meet your needs

Lock-Block Ltd. also offers:

  • Custom-engineered 3-D models of your specific project needs (Using 3-D printing technology).
  • Custom colouring of Lock-Block™ units.
  • Custom cast designs or logo on exposed surfaces.

Lifting Hooks

Lock-Block™ system

Our lifting hooks are always made with new steel with corresponding Mil Test Certificates to ensure the safety of all workers.


  • Professionally engineered & designed.
  • Ideal for grade changes along highways, railroads.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install.
  • Originators of the interlocking keyed system which is still the best in the market 30 years later.
  • Environmentally friendly. Ask us about our Green-stone™ aggregate products
  • 8:1 safety factor in lifting hooks.
  • Impedes soil erosion along seawalls and dykes.
  • Over 30 different shapes.
  • Can be colour tinted and custom imprinted.