Our Founder Jay Drew, a professional engineer licensed in British Columbia, Canada invented the UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ building system.  The original idea was to create a massive precision dry-stacked engineered concrete wall unit that could be cast from leftover concrete right in the yard at a concrete plant. We still produce some of these industrial by-product units today as non-specification grade blocks.  Each block contains one cubic yard of concrete.

InventoryThe stable dry stacking of anything heavy requires dimensional uniformity. Without consistency gaps and bridging occur and lateral instability is the result. Walls fall down and people get hurt.

Casting uniform concrete blocks requires rugged precise concrete forms. To produce this exacting degree of precision ULB had to become experts on manufacturing concrete forms. Today every form has a serial number that is imprinted right into the block during casting. This simple feature means ULB’s high standards of dimensional tolerance can be tracked through routine quality control monitoring. Look for this number as well as the name on any UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ unit.

For the safety of all concerned the embedded galvanized lifting loop was designed and tested by an outside engineering company. This unique identifiable seven strand galvanized lifting loop is embedded in every UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ unit.

To make it easy to stack the units up straight, and for other engineering considerations Jay looked at many interlocking shear key designs and copyrighted the best one. Jay DrewThe first of millions of LOCK-BLOCK® units was born.

With these primary factors for safe stable stacking well in hand it was time for Third Party Engineering testing and design factor assessment. This was done because the North American West Coast is a high seismically rated area and the information was essential to enable designers to use the system in challenging applications.

Today’s comprehensive Gravity wall and Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) design guides are the result of initial work by our sister company UltraBlock Inc, and an independent engineering assessment and review. The LOCK-BLOCK® system has became a construction method that Engineers can rely on. Thousands of strong, flat LOCK-BLOCK® walls are the result of this confidence.

ULB is always looking for product improvements, better ways to recycle concrete, as well as new markets. The company now produces over forty different shapes of LOCK-BLOCK® units and makes a half sized LOCK-BLOCK® Mini version as well.  

is the trademark for a patented method of building a Roman Arch that was added to the LOCK-BLOCK® family in 2005.

A complete line of precast concrete Highway Barrier was added to the product line in 2007. UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™

LOCK-BLOCK™ Canada Ltd. licences LOCK-BLOCK® Technology Worldwide. See the contact page for the location nearest you.


Our main operation in Vancouver is a hub of recycling activity!

UNITED LOCK-BLOCK LTD.™ products can be made with recycled concrete, recycled concrete aggregate, as well as recycled latex paint.

Fresh surplus concrete comes in our gate in various ready mix company`s trucks and leaves as non-specification grade LOCK-BLOCK® units. That`s a 100% post industrial recycled content!greenstone logo

Hardened concrete rubble from concrete demolition sites comes in our gate free of charge in dump trucks. We feed this material into our on-site crushing, screening, and washing operation. The resulting recycled concrete aggregates are sold under the GREEN-STONE™ family of products.

We use this same crushing operation to process virgin materials and select excavated materials into washed concrete aggregates for use in our on-site precast concrete operation.crusher

At the batch plant we add recycled latex paint (RLP) into some of our precast concrete products. We blend thousands of litres of paint together to produce a consistent gray latex concrete admixture. The latex portion within RLP is the same material that is used by highway departments to improve the durability of bridge decks. The pigment portion of RLP is the same material that produces the high end tinted concrete that Architects crave. We are the world`s leading consumer of RLP for use in concrete and proud of our expertise in it`s use.

The only waste material that leaves our site is the small percentage of mud that we filter out of our closed loop aggregate washing operation. We are looking for ways to manufacture this material into a usable product as well!

In this way we divert millions of pounds of material annually from the waste stream into usable products. Over our twenty five year history that is millions of tons of carbon offsetting and millions of tons less material in the local landfill!

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